Crispy Pratas

Pratas here are freshly made on the spot, unlike some of the prata places I’ve been (Thohirah I’m looking at you). The pratas are super crispy & fluffy, and it comes with curry and sambal chilli.

Jonathan Lim Jia Jun

I’m Back For The Plain Prata @ Enaq Again!

This time round, I visited the first Enaq shop located at Blk 303 Jurong East Street 32 to binge on their incredibly crispy prata!

AC Chan

Crispy prata in the WEST of Singapore!

Immediately fell in love with this crispy prata the moment I sank my teeth into it! Crispy and fluffy, went really well with the ikan bilis belacan chilli!


Local Prata Heaven

This is a well known Indian prata store by locals. Not a famous tourist spot though. If you’re visiting attractions nearby like the gardens or Science Center, this is a worthy stop for breakfast or lunch. Though you must bear the long queues during peak hours.

The offer is much more than plain pratas. You can have a barrage of different and special combinations. Their flagship is still the plain and simple prata. Its cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside. It offers a slight tinge of sweetness. The best combination is to have the meal with chicken drumstick curry. Truly succulent!

One of the other must try is Tissue. This is a super thin layer of prata (much like a tissue and hence its name) that is actually a desert. It’s sweet and delicious. Be warned it can get messy eating it. Also, they only serve this dish during Off-Peak only as it takes a tremendous amount of effort to prepare the dish.


Fluffy pratas!

We had plain, egg and egg x cheese pratas! The wait was reasonably long but these pratas was literally the bomb! Love their fluffiness (which prata serves fluffy ones except this stall!) and so sooo much crisp. Mutton was slightly expensive w small portion ($4.50).

Cheree Chew

Best Mutton Briyani Curry I’ve Tasted!

The headline says it all!



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